Buying a mobile phone for personal use is not really a difficult task. There are hundreds of different brands, types and options available and all you have to do is carry out a good research about the phones that you are interested in. After that you can compare their prices and finally you can make a decision based on those facts. But when it comes to buying a phone for office-use or for household-use, there is one thing you should consider. That is whether to buy a GSM carrier or a CDMA carrier. This may seem like a simple choice but before making any decisions, one should understand the clear differences between these two. Even you are not buying a phone at the moment, knowing this different will help you in future, indeed.

GSM is the short form for Global System for Mobile communications. While there are so many differences between this and CDMA, use of a sim card in Korea is the most prominent one. GSM carriers use a Subscriber Identity Module to store their users’ data and once you are registered with a certain service provider, they will issue you a module that contains all your information including your desired and registered connection plan. One of the major advantages in this type is that you can renew your phone without any hassle. You don’t have to contact your service provider or buy a brand new phone. You can simply buy a phone that you like and insert the module to use your connection. Also, you will not be able to call or contact anyone without your identity module, however, you have the freedom to use Wi-Fi connections with or without your module.

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access carriers differ from GSM because they don’t have a subscriber identity module involved. While these modules physically contain all your connection plan information, CDMA contains your information and data in their service provider’s servers. So, if you want to renew your phone, you will have to contact your great service provider and get it renewed. However, they offer better connection plans and they are more stable than GSM carriers.

Both these carriers have their own pros and cons and also, they don’t have a huge price difference. If you do your homework properly before buying a mobile connection, you will find it easy. If you have any questions related to these matters, you can easily contact a service provider or a reliable and a reputed online help forum to get your doubts cleared.